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Guitar/Bass Lessons


"Providing students of all ages with the skills to enjoy music for a lifetime."


Choose from group guitar lab classes for beginners, private guitar and bass lessons for all levels, and add a Star Power Band for the ultimate music making opportunity.

Researchers agree that learning to about to play an instrument improves test scores, helps students with higher math achievement, builds self confidence, improves coordination and problem-solving, increases fine motor development and much more – including fostering the basic intrinsic value of developing a love and joy for the arts and music.

Performances are available for each level of study.

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Two age groups offered: 7-11 year olds, 12 years and up

These are introductory guitar classes for beginners with up to eight students in each class. We focus on learning to tune the guitar, reading music, melody playing, chords and strumming, basic skills and techniques, and ensemble playing. Students use a songbook plus a music workbook. Since the classes are designed for students to progress at their own pace, the teacher helps each student individually for a portion of the class, and we also play together in ensemble (great for building listening skills and steady rhythm). Parent Performance Days are scheduled throughout the year, and the teacher will assess the student’s progress and recommend private guitar lessons at the appropriate time. Students bring their acoustic or electric guitar to class (rental guitars available).

Guitar Lab Basic Class Activities:

55 Minute Class, 5 Minutes Parent Time Class Materials: Guitar Song Book, Chord Book, Ensemble Book, Note speller/Theory Book.

  • Tuning – developing an ear for tuning, using a tuner, etc.
  • Technique, warm-ups, chords, strumming
  • Individual learning and assignments at students level
  • Workbook at the table (theory book, or guitar note speller)
  • Review songs in books with teacher accompaniment or CD
  • Jam, chart out pop songs, flash card games, etc.
  • Parent questions and assignment clarification

Classes are designed for students to progress at their own pace. Students receive supplementary books during the year when they are ready to move ahead.

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Lessons are first come, first served
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Ages six through adult

In a private guitar or bass lesson, the teacher has the opportunity to help the student individually for the entire lesson time, and structures each lesson personally for the student depending on their skill level and goals. We teach all styles of music, from the traditional beginning method series teaching approach, to reading standard notation, reading tabs and charts, playing by ear and improvisation, with pop, rock, jazz, blues, contemporary, alternative, shredding, classical, folk, flamenco – you name it!

Private guitar and bass students are welcome to perform at our Coffee House Shows, Music Showcase in June (optional), take the Theory Test in May (optional).

Private Guitar Lessons Basics:

30, 45, or 60 Minute Weekly Lessons

  • Scales, Chords and Technique Warm-ups
  • Song Books (lesson book with CD, or tab book, artist book)
  • Supplementary Materials (pop book, jazz book, seasonal book)
  • Student Choice Tunes (current hits or student requests)
  • Note Speller or Theory Book (Theory Test-optional)

Private guitar and bass lessons are designed for students to progress at their own pace. Students/parents have input about the style and genre of music they would like to work on. Parent is welcome to observe the lessons, or learn to play right along with the student FREE.


60 Minute Weekly Band Rehearsal

The Star Power Band Series at the Frisco School of Music is our best value, and a very unique and popular series. Students have their regular private guitar lesson each week, plus attend a one-hour Star Power Band Class each week as well.

Star Power Bands are for beginners through advancing players on all instruments. Learning to play together as a team, mastering your part, putting it all together as a stage performance, learning about basic styles and forms is covered each week. Basic music theory concepts are also taught using examples from the songs the bands are playing. Students move ahead in their skill levels at their own pace, and the teacher assigns parts appropriate for each band member. Rock 'n Roll (classic and contemporary), and familiar classics.

Star Power Band Series students participate in all school activities including Shows, Concerts, Coffee Houses, Local Venues, Theory Test, Achievement Graduations, and more. Bands choose their Band Name and brand, and have their picture in the program booklet and posted at the School.

The Bands:

Two age groups offered: 2nd-5th and 6th-12th

Rock School -Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Keyboards

Let us help you with this very important decision to make sure that you choose the right music school for guitar/bass lessons for you and your family. Click here to enroll on-line, or contact us directly at 214.436.4058 and we will be happy to help you decide.

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Lessons are first come, first served
so contact us today to arrange your first lesson!