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Star Power Bands


Our Star Power Band series is our most popular series and is also our best value. You meet once a week for a private music lesson with your teacher for the individual attention you need to really learn your instrument.

Your private lesson teacher will help prepare you for all of the performance events held throughout the year.

You also attend one of the weekly hour long band sessions: Rock School Band offered for your age group. You will have a chance for solo and group performing, and might even be invited to perform at one of the local venues we book throughout the year.

You will also be able to participate in all of the school concerts, festivals and competitions that we offer.

The world needs music! Are you playing your part?

Rock School Band:

  • Weekly Private Lesson (30 or 45 minutes)
  • Weekly 60-Minute Band Rehearsal with Professional Coach
  • Two Yearly Band Blow Out Shows  
  • Earn Medals and Certificates
  • Practice Club - Prizes and Drawings Program

About The Bands: (Two age groups offered: 2nd-5th and 6th-12th) 

  • Rock School - Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Keyboards

Star Power Bands are for beginners through advancing players on all instruments. Learning to play together as a team, mastering your part, putting it all together as a stage performance, learning about basic styles and concepts is covered each week.

Our teachers are professional "gigging" musicians with university training and real-world playing experience. Basic music theory concepts are also taught using examples from the songs the bands are playing.

We focus on how music is put together with intervals, patterns, chords, steady beat and basic rhythms and rhythmic notation, 12-bar form and improvisation.

Students move ahead in their skill levels at their own pace, and the teacher assigns parts appropriate for each band member. Rock 'n Roll (classic and contemporary) and familiar classics.

Band Blow Outs: Lights, Camera Action! Twice a year the Rock Band Students perform in our Performance Hall on a stage with professional equipment, lighting and sound. The Concerts feature each student as a part of the Band as well. With so many different instrumentalists represented the one-hour Concerts keep the attention of all family members. These Concerts are one of the many highlights of our School, and what keeps students coming back year after year.

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